Model + Talent Agency

Model: - Katie Bibeau

Image - Joe Kelly

Booking Policies

Standard Booking:

Model - Yana

Image - Emily Bleasdale

Hourly Booking:


  • Swim and lingerie/intimates (bra’s panties, slips, and panty hose) will be billed at double hourly rate for each hour, with a minimum of 1 hour.
  • The 2 hour booking minimum will still apply when shooting intimates/swim, however if the booking is only an hour, the 2nd hour will be billed at standard hourly rate.
  • Client must specify if there will be swim/lingerie prior to booking confirmation
  • A closed set must be provided

Photo Releases/Contracts:

  • All releases must be reviewed by booking agent prior to booking date
  • Agent must approve release prior to talent signing
  • Agent may sign on behalf of talent


  • Fees and Usage are subject to negotiation.
  • Additional Usage to be billed at additional rate unless included in session fee.
  • Extension of usage must be communicated and negotiated prior to end of usage terms.

Weather Permit:

  • Client must specify weather reschedule date at time of confirmation, when inclement weather is forecasted to potentially postpone shoot date(s).
  • Client must notify agency of any weather caused cancellations by day before booking.

Payment Practices:

  • Rates are to be negotiated and set prior to booking confirmation .
  • Client will be billed at completion of job date.
  • Invoices can be emailed or sent via postal service.
  • Payment terms are net 30 days from invoicing.
  • Invoices outstanding after 90 days will be sent to collections.


  • A cancellation must be communicated 1 full business day (or 24 hours) prior to booking date, or client will be charged at full rate.
  • A Friday cancellation for a Monday will be billed at full rate.
  • Any booking date that falls the day after a National Holiday must be cancelled prior to the last business day before the holiday.

Travel Fees:

  • Contact Agency for travel fees. All rates are subject to negotiation.

Photo Releases/Contracts:

  • All releases must be reviewed by booking agent prior to booking date.
  • Agent must approve release prior to talent signing.
  • Agent may sign on behalf of talent.

Required Client Information for all Booking Confirmations:

  • Communicate any extraordinary conditions or requirements.
  • Specify Usage and time period of usage.
  • Specify Wardrobe.
  • Provide Complete Billing Information.
  • Provide location and call time.
  • Provide dressing facilities, or advise of any circumstances otherwise.